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Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hey everyone! You might be wondering where I've been recently, and the answer is: hospital. Yeah. So that's why there has been a significant lack of posting lately, and please excuse any typos that result from me using my good ol' friend, the blogger phone app. I won't bore you with the details, but worry not, I'll live.


"I found out two things today. One, I think I'm dying. And two, my brother is a perv."

14-year-old Houston resident Jenna Samuels has been having some very weird symptoms, not that her mother pays much attention to this -- or anything. Not since her father walked out without much more than a scribbled goodbye note and a coupon for Tex Mex. When she collapses, her brother, Casey, drives her to the hospital in their beat up old Prius, only to crash and, well, die.
Jenna comes to in the hospital, where she is greeted by none other than Casey. Except it's a newer, shiner, zit-and-flab-free version. Casey has become an "A-word" (the truth is too painful to say).
If that wasn't enough, Dr "Chesthair" Renfroe discovers something else: Jenna is being poisoned, and it's up to her, Casey, and (suspicious) angel Amber to find out who is the source of this flummoxing chicanery, and why anyone would want her dead...

The critics have loved this book, and so do I. It's a really sweet story about family, angels, and kolaches, and Jenna's voice is funny and easy to empathise with. Ms Preble had set the bar phenomenally high with the Anastasia series ( but she has done it again!

I'll be posting an INTERVIEW with the one and only JOY PREBLE tomorrow as part of the TSDL blog tour, but we just have to do something to celebrate the official release day! Therefore, I have decided to share the questions I'll be asking tomorrow with you today, and you can read the answers tomorrow :)

1) When we talked last time for the Anastasia Forever blog tour, you said Tess Edwards was the most like you, but which TSDL character are you closest to?

2) What's your favourite of your books so far, and which was the hardest to write? Why?

3) If you could only read one more book for the rest of your life (torturous thing to consider, I know, but IF) which would you pick? Why that one, over all the others?

4) When you torture your readers/characters, do you feel remorse or a stereotypical-British-accented-movie-villain glee?

5) If you had never discovered writing, what do you think you'd be doing right now? (you can't say teaching english to high school students, that's cheating)

6) If you had to be one of your characters, with every detail of their life, past, friends, family, fears, hopes, dreams, etc, who would you live as?

7) What was your inspiration for The Sweet Dead Life? Has it evolved at all from the original spark?

8) Jenna Samuels has her brother, Casey. Who would you say is your guardian angel?

9) We're all just dying (pun completely intended) to know: What's next for Joy Preble?

I will see you back here tomorrow, guys! Save the date, you'd better turn up. Its will be fun fun FUN!

And don't forget there will be a GIVEAWAY of one copy of TSDL for one lucky person!!!!!!

Due to high postage costs, the publishers have requested that this be kept US-only, however if you have a friend/family member who lives in the US who won't mind accepting the copy on your behalf and mailing it to you, I'm sure that would be just fine. All you have to do is comment, so there's really no excuse for US residents to not enter. Who would pass up a free book? And believe me, this one you will love. It is not to be missed.

See you back here tomorrow!!!