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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Writing Wednesday -- What's New?

Hey guys. As I don't have the usual commitments I do today, I can afford to blog a lot earlier.

So then, what's new on the writing front? Well:

1) I FINISHED MY FIRST DRAFT! YAY! Am now on my six week break before I start edits, as recommended by author Stephanie Morril. It's a lot harder than you think. My fingers keep drifting to the Microsoft Word icon... must... not... edit...

2) 2/3 through a short story about Slenderman -- or a variation, at least. I've turned fiction into local folklore, which of course the main character doesn't believe -- in the beginning, at least...

3) Trying to think of another idea for a writing competition I'm entering. I have one, but... it's a bit... random, let's say. One aspect of it is original and the other is cliché. It's hard to explain.

4) I have an official writing partner now! *waves to Abby*

5) Need to decide which of two projects to attack next. I'm leaning towards #1 now, which is better than last week at least. No doubt next week I'll be leaning towards #2. But "we'll jump off that bridge when we get to it" -- to quote my Favourite TV Show Ever, Ghost Whisperer.

6) Lastly (if this counts), I'm compiling a list of Original Quotes and one of Favourite Book Quotes.

That's about it, I guess. Still a grammar nazi, if anyone was wondering, and still finding mistakes in published books occasionally -- something which simultaneously drives me nuts and makes me weirdly happy, because it leads me to believe I should be an editor. Fun fun fun!!!

Let's see if I still want to be an editor when I'm on draft 8 of WIP and still not satisfied ;) It sucks to be a perfectionist.