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Friday, 4 April 2014

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow -- The MORTAL GODS Cover Reveal!

Another day, another cave-in to the blogosphere, I know. But when I found out one of my very favourite authors, the lovely (and scary and awesome) Kendare Blake herself, was having a cover reveal for her newest book, how could I possibly not help?

MORTAL GODS (coming 14 October, this year)  is the next instalment in the THE GODDESS WAR trilogy, the first book of which is ANTIGODDESS. It is amazing and you should read it. Why, you ask? Click here and find out.

So, on to the cover reveal. MORTAL GODS is a book I've been impatiently awaiting since I finished Antigoddess, and since that happened approximately a week after its release . . . let's just say: I'm happy the long, torturous absence from Athena, Cassandra and Company will soon be over.

So, here is MORTAL GODS in all her beautiful, creepalicious glory!

Don't you just love the lightning? And Cassandra's hair? Speaking of whom, Kendare Blake has provided us with Cassandra's very thoughts are this precise moment:

"Aaand balls I've stumbled onto Olympus. This isn't good. Hope somebody helpful is coming up right behind me. This place does not look one bit welcoming. Thank god I braided my hair or there'd be some kind of static emergency."

Guys will roll their eyes, but you have no idea how irritating that is. Almost as annoying as when your hair sticks to your lip gloss.

Aaaaand here is the brilliantly badass Athena, on the new ANTIGODDESS paperback cover:

"Man, what is with these effing owls lately? That one in the tree looks totally pissed. Hey! Yeah, you! I can see you! I see you looking at me with your beady owl eyes! It must be the blood and the feathers. They think I've torn apart one of their brethren. Not so, jerks! These feathers are yours, and they're coming out of my bloody body! *sigh* I've got to get away from this lake. It's a bad place. And this G is totally trying to stab me in the back of the knee."

I love the colouring on that cover. Blue -- peaceful or haunting? Athena -- pensive or plotting? And did I mention how much I love her hair?

If you love me, you will go check this book out, at least. Have a read of my post linked to above ^, the Amazon page or go visit Ms Blake on her website, from which you can access her blog. If Kendare Blake sounds like your new favourite author (and why wouldn't she, when I know you love all things dark and dangerous as much as I do?), I heartily encourage you to also try Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares, the duology that invited itself into my soul, curled up and is still there. It is in my Top 5 stories of all time. Oh, yes. That is some high praise. All you up-and-coming authors have some serious shoes killer boots to fill.

Anyway, curiosity shall lead you here to Anna Dressed in Blood (which was my first ever Book Talk, so go easy on me, people; ugh, when I read it now...cringe) and here to the interview with Ms Blake, Anna vs. Terminator. Read it and fall in love -- but be warned: Cas is mine.

So now, I bid you farewell until May, for that is when the THE A-WORD by Joy Preble blog tour commences! Until then, my pretties!