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Sunday, 14 April 2013

When in Rome...

... do as the Romans do! (and visit the Colosseum and take funny tourist-y pictures and try to speak Italian and eat your weight in gelato)

Hey guys! Miss me? I hope so, because I've missed you. So now, as we have long been parted, we must reacquaint ourselves -- what have you been up to? Me? Well, it's an awful lot to tell you. I think I'd better just show you instead -- a picture speaks a thousand words, after all:

The food was BEYOND DELICIOUS!!! I love Italian food. Love it. Love. It. See that top picture? It's a truffle-shaped ice cream! Isn't it just the definition of awesome? You can get that in Cantinola, near Via Sicilia and Via Veneto (my favourite street in all of Rome), if you guys were wondering.

I also did a little bit of monument-rearranging:

Nice place, don't you think? We went to the Colosseum:

Where I bumped into a friend from school! Creepy, huh? What a coinkydink. Serendipity. OooooOOOOOoooooh!!!! (those are freaky ghost sounds, if you didn't get that already) 

And after hanging out with gladiators and throwing a penny (backwards, right hand over left shoulder, as the legend says) into the Trevi Fountain, we stopped at an adorable cafe in Piazza Navona:

Where they have quite simply THE BEST ice cream in the world. In my humble opinion, at least. And my sister's. And my dad's. And my mother's. So anyway, then I got a caricature done:

This guy is great at them. Recognise Obama? And House? If you're ever in Piazza Navona, you have to get one. Seriously. They are awesome.

Via Veneto, my favourite street in Rome:

And my reaction, coming from wind and rain and, *shudder*, snow, to the blue skies:

I felt just like Wanderer/Melanie. Anyone seen The Host? And it's like the Lady Antebellum song! 

Went walking through town just the other day with nothing much to do,
As the sun came breaking down through the clouds I'd never seen a sky so blue...

"Perfect Day", if anyone was wondering. Anyways. There were tons of street mimes -- it's probably hard to appreciate the stillness in a picture but trust me when I tell you it was almost spooky.

And it was just an awesome trip in general! So yeah -- I really recommend it. Go to Rome, guys. You won't be sorry. And everyone speaks english ;)

As tigger would say, TTFN, ta ta for now!