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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Writing Wednesday: Have I Got News For You!

Heck yeah I have news for you! I'm probably infinitely more excited by this than you guys will be, just to warn you now. I've spent the last 40 minutes trying to figure out how to download my digital ARC (advance reading copy. An early release of a book for review, the author to give away, etc. I got a signed one of these from Joy Preble or being on her Anastasia Forever Street team last year. Eeeep!) of Joy Preble's THE SWEET DEAD LIFE -- that I've been waiting for since last April -- and get it on my kindle. Thank God for internet help websites is all I can say.

That, and:


That's right -- my WIP is now officially novel-length. It's not finished, of course. Most novels end up significantly higher than the 40,000 mile-marker. I'm guessing mine will total somewhere between 55,000 and 60,000 -- which for a first novel, is not at all bad. I'm elated!

Woohoo! Now I can feel (slightly) less guilty about going to Rome for a week and not writing squat while I'm there. I realise I'll be on edits by the summer, which is awesome. I thought it would take me waaaaay longer. Thanks Stephanie Morril of Go Teen Writers for organising 100 for 100 and forcing me to get my butt on chair and type. I wouldn't have done this without her, not only for the control but all the advice she and the others have on the blog. You really should check it out. I did a post on this which you can find here

So now I will take my motivation and work on my MS. And then read some more of TSDL.

But not without telling you that I have signed up for the THE SWEET DEAD LIFE blog tour, and (fingers crossed) will be doing an interview with the awesome Joy Preble sometime in May!

And I'll also just mention that you won't hear from me next week. Because I'll be in Rome. So "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" as they say. Sound advice. Arrivederci, my loyal minions -- *cough* I mean readers...