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Monday, 25 March 2013

Music Monday :)

I've been wondering all day what song to post for you guys. I mean, there are probably a gazillion possible post-worthy songs, but this is the first ever Music Monday! It has to be good, right?

And then I realised I've had the answer all along. I adore this song, it's been in my head literally ALL DAY, it has a cute melody and an even cuter message, and, as if that wasn't enough, it's by the awesome Lady Antebellum! What more could you want?

I think this has to be in my top 5 favourite songs ever. It is PERFECTION!

Happy listening guys :) This is also a very applicable song for where I am in my MS at the moment, so it's especially close to my heart. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Of other news, I met my potential-step-first-cousins-once-removed on Saturday, and we celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday! Happy birthday, grandma! And a shout-out to Alex and Megan, who have no idea how happy I am to finally have someone my own age at family gatherings -- even though I doubt they'll ever see this since I  forgot to tell them about about my blog *face-palms self* silly me!