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Friday, 22 March 2013

Book Talk - Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow

Well hello again, dear friends. So nice to see you back here ;) I'm posting later than usual, so I'm just gonna get on with it.

16-year-old Dru Anderson (don't ask her what that's short for -- she'll kick your ass to Mississippi) has lived a nomadic life with her father forever. Until the night in the Dakotas when he leaves home -- in search of... what? He almost always takes Dru with him. Unless he's going somewhere really dangerous... -- and returns as a hungry, decaying zombie that bursts through her back door pursuing her relentlessly until she puts a bullet in its head. So, like all women, in her moment of panic... she goes to the mall. Where she sees Graves, an equal-parts sweet and awkward half-asian from school (who hit on her earlier and smokes like Vesuvius) who offers her a place to spend the night. In a back room, in the mall, where he lives.

Then a burning dog that smells like sulphur and a werewolf crash the party, and poor, innocent Graves -- who has no idea what the inverted cross around his neck means and wants to be a physics professor when he grows up, aww, geeky -- gets bitten. As in, by a werewolf.

Now let me explain something about werewolf bites. You get bitten, you turn. You have twelve hours, maybe less, before you run around in a crazed wolf-induced rage and kill everything in sight. There is no cure.

But Dru can't shoot another person tonight, can she? He was just trying to help her! He bought her a burger! And if you could see the look in those electric green eyes... she can't bring herself to, even though that's what dad would have done. So, amazing hostess she is, she takes -- I'm sorry, I mean drags -- him home, ties him to a bed, holds a gun to his head and asks him all kinds of personal questions that I won't share here, to be considerate of Graves's feelings. Because Graves hasn't turned, and it's been twelve hours...

That all sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well it gets worse. Dru's mother has been dead since she was five, and in this new town with only a desperate, geeky goth kid who lives in a mall for company, Dru sets out, armed with the touch, to find whatever-it-was that killed and reanimated her father, meeting guy-number-2 along the way. Christophe Reynard, a djamphir. (if you don't know what that is, I suggest you check out my friend's blog, dedicated to this series, here: )

and the amazon page:

Books in the series:
Strange Angels

Okay guys, let's just get this out there -- I AM TEAM GRAVES!!! Always have been, always will be. If you are Team Christophe, well, that's a fundamental personality flaw, but I forgive you because I think people should be able to talk about their differences and embrace diversity. That said, if you are not already a part of the Graves-loving family, here are the reasons why you should be:

He's adorable

He's loyal

He has a tortured past -- and let's face it, we readers lap up the sob stories

He risks himself, more than once, for some nutcase he barely knows who treats him like dirt

He doesn't sleep around (hehehe...)

Sure, he has flaws, but they're not huge ones. He's just a little too moody at times. And has the signature loup-garou temper

HE'S GORGEOUS! (at least in my head)

He never gives in, no matter what either world (this one and the Real World) throws at him

He's Dru's best friend -- and he's ALWAYS there for her. Which is more than can be said about Chris

He has the patience of a saint

He's smart -- not just another pretty face

I love him. And you trust my judgement, don't you? Have I ever steered you wrong?

So as you can see from that list, I am like the one-girl Graves fan club. But it's not just me! My friend Ellie loves him too. And Holly. And Jenny.

So now I have to know. Tell me the truth. Are you Team Graves?

Or Team Christophe?