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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The good things - me, myself, and my favourite blog

Hello world. Let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah and I'm a teenage reader, (unpublished as of yet) writer, baker, dreamer, chihuahua-lover, Lady Antebellum fan, and now blogger.

Now that we're friends, on with the post :)

There are some good things in life that we want to keep selfishly all to ourselves... like chocolate. More for me, right?

But as Barney the Purple Dinosaur taught us at the ripe age of 4, sharing is good. It makes you friends. And there are other good things that get better when you share them! I don't know if you've ever tried to ride a see-saw by yourself (me? Of course I haven't...) but it's waaay more fun with a friend.

Well, my hands-down favourite blog falls into that second category. What's the fun of reading something if you can't then go rave about it with like-minded awesome people? And that, my pretties, is why I'm sharing this nugget of sheer awesomeness with you! Here you go:

The only writing blog you will ever need is run by the lovely Stephanie Morril, Jill Williamson, Roseanna White, Gillian Adams and teen author Rachel Coker. Everyone at Go Teen Writers (or just GTW) is amazingly talented, so sweet, and super helpful, but I think Rachel is particularly inspiring because she is only 16 years old and has had 2 books published! Yes, 16!

So now before you read every single post on aforementioned awesome (yeah, I like that word. You'll get used to it) blog, I'll let you know what my plans are:

I LOVE reading. So if you do too, come on down every Friday, and I'll do a short, informal review-type-thingy on either a book I've read recently, or one of my long-standing favourites.

Do you like writing too? Awesome! I'd love to see you here every other Wednesday, to chat, discuss, listen to me complain about my manuscript... nah, just joking. We'll have so much fun!

What - did you say you like baking too? Wow, you really are like me! I bet we're secret sisters or something. Interested in recipes and pictures, visit me on the last Sunday of every month - I wish I could bake more often but school etc gets in the way :(

Every other Monday, in the week that doesn't have Writing Wednesday, I'll post a link to some cool music that I think is good to write to. Sometimes it'll have lyrics, and other times it'll be Beethoven. Depending on my mood ;)

And just to keep it fresh, occasionally I'll do a fun "Top Ten" or otherwise random post so you can see just what I nutcase I really am... oops, pretend you didn't hear that! :D

So long, my pretties, and remember: "you gotta know when you got a good thing" :)

Told you I like Lady Antebellum xoxo