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Sunday, 17 March 2013

"As Soon as Batteries Run Out, We're Back to the Stone Age"

As my father had the audacity to point out while complaining that everything is done on calculators nowadays, as if he didn't use them ;)

But it's true. I couldn't live without my laptop - I use Microsoft Word for EVERYTHING - and a week with no T.V. (long story) has been hard for the whole family. Now, don't give me that look. I'm not a T.V. junkie! I don't watch soaps! And I gave up Friends (the show, not the people) for Lent. But the house is too quiet, even for a reader. It means my sister feels the need to fill the blissful silence with Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber. Not my kind of music. AND I'M GOING TO MISS THE GOT TO DANCE FINAL!!! *bursts into tears*

Vote Lukas McFarlane, everyone! Please, for me? *bats eyelashes*

Anyway. I don't think I could imagine a day without my trusty iPhone either. How on earth would I follow all the wonderful blogs out there? And emails would go unread, texts unsent... shudder.

But the worst is yet to come. My Kindle. Sure, I have a myriad of paper books to read. But it's nice to know it's there. And, even though I prefer paper books (they smell amazing! Chanel should make a perfume called "Eau de Livres" - I'd buy it) I NEED my Kindle if I've been waiting six months for a book to release and it doesn't come out on a weekend. Like the Girl of Nightmares incident ;)

So yeah. Society has become entirely reliant on electricity for survival. I haven't even gone into stuff like heating, cooking, water, light etc. I'd hate to see what would happen to us if it suddenly all shut down. I wonder if that could happen? Sounds like an interesting book idea to me, but I doubt I'll ever get around to writing it. 34,000-words-and-counting of my current WIP (work-in-progress) has me very busy. I can kiss my social life goodbye if I'm ever going to get the first draft finished, let alone all the editing and refining. *sigh*

But it's worth it, because I love my protagonist, and she deserves to tell her story. But it's not Wednesday yet, my pretties, so I'll leave it at that. Until then, happy rest of the weekend xoxo